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Make an impact

Holm Security aims to become a driving force in the IT-security sector, leading the industry in cutting-edge vulnerability assessment. Between impressing our customers and stunning the competition, what we do will echo throughout the industry, leaving a legacy you’ll be a part of.

Influence and shape the company Holm Security becomes

Holm Security is currently growing quickly, putting us in an exciting development phase shaped directly by the members of our team.  As both a professional and as a unique human being, you’ll be able to help develop the company culture and make the decisions that build our success.

Five reasons to work at Holm Security:

  • An exciting, fast-paced environment working alongside several of Stockholm’s finest and most prominent IT-security entrepreneurs.
  • A challenging role with constant opportunities to grow and see the impact of your actions.
  • No bureaucracy. Spend your time creating the solutions and workflows that work for you, not in meetings or management processes.
  • A close-knit, strong team where every team member plays an important role.
  • One-of-a-kind experiences with your colleagues along the road to success including after-works, events, trips abroad, and more!

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