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Increased threat picture to control and production systems

Companies that have SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and ICS (Industrial Control Systems) for monitoring and controlling processes like energy and heating face a greatly increased threat picture. Advanced attacks and sabotage are becoming more common. Detecting vulnerabilities before any malicious person does becomes crucial for keeping society safe and for preventing extensive financial losses.

Powerful features

Holm Security VMP offers a number of functions that help you ensure that SCADA and ICS systems are safe. We ensure that you receive crucial information so that you can act fast if a new vulnerability is discovered.

Our solution

This is how we help your organization meet the challenges that SCADA and ICS entails.

Systematic assessment of SCADA and ICS to detect vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability assessment of networks and systems.
Our Network Scanning and Web Application Scanning services detect vulnerabilities in monitoring and control systems.
Solving vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability ManagerInformation and tools for solving vulnerabilities in networks and systems, as well as web applications.